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Hotel 3 Reyes

Mouth-watering pintxos and dishes at our restaurant

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Wonderful Basque and Navarran cuisine

Varied menu with a selection of starters and main dishes based on premium-quality seasonal produce: vegetables, meat or fish.

Hotel 3 Reyes

Selection of wines

Wines with different bodies and textures from Navarra and La Rioja

Hotel 3 Reyes

Breakfast buffet

To kick-start the morning full of energy, with a variety of options for all tastes. Healthy breakfast with locally-sourced products

Hotel 3 Reyes

English-style bar

Piano bar where you can savour light bites or a delicious cocktail, featuring our Italian Aperitif Evening on Wednesdays and Jazz & Music Experience on Thursdays.

Hotel 3 Reyes

Café bar

Café bar with pintxos (tapas) and snacks

Hotel 3 Reyes


Phone: +34 948 226 600 / Email: reserv@hotel3reyes.com